Being Enthusiastic in Public


I love speaking to groups, and now that I’m not in a teaching position anymore, my only outlets for performance are the happy occasions when I get to present at conferences, run workshops, or am invited to be a guest lecturer, or even a keynote speaker.

I have presented on applied anthropology and my own work in and around UNC Charlotte, and have also had the good fortune to speak about my work at a wide range of places.

I’ve blogged many of the talks (keynotes and otherwise) I’ve given in the last couple of years, you can read them if you like.

I have helped run digital practice mapping and ethnography workshops in the US , in Canada, in Ireland, and in the UK, and hope to get to continue to do so because I think they are both useful and fun.

If you are interested in bringing me in for workshops or speaking engagements, do please contact me, via, or on Twitter @DonnaLanclos.

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