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Some of the institutions with whom I have been lucky enough to partner

I collaborate with a wide range of scholars and practitioners in the US and in the UK, and I am also conducting freelance consultancy work, especially this past year (2017-18) while living full time in the UK.

I think it’s important to make that collaborative aspect of my work really visible, as far too many people see anthropologists as “lone wolf” academics who do not play well with others.  I need other people for the work that I do, and actually I enjoy working with other people in a way I never enjoyed working alone.

When you work with other people, you get awesome donuts.

When you work with other people, you get awesome donuts.

I’ve organized this list according to the projects that I’ve worked on.   I may add to this list as time goes on, and new projects begin.

I write and think and talk and do research (or, have done) with these people and I’m grateful for the chance to work with each of them.

Library Anthropology, US

Learning Spaces and Practices, Technology, and Higher Education, US and UK

Future Happens

Visitors and Residents

Library Ethnography, UK

Optical Engineering, UNC Charlotte



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