I am an anthropologist and a folklorist and have been unapologetic about those two things for quite a while, now.  I found myself working in academic libraries starting in 2009, and since then have been thinking, writing, and talking a lot about the nature of information, digital and physical places, and higher education generally.  I see my work as relevant not just to libraries or universities, but to conversations about how we as a society make sure that people have opportunities to learn how to think critically, to practice those skills, and to find their voices.

Sometimes I look like this.

I work with a lot of different people.  In addition to research and writing, I conduct workshops, facilitate discussions, give talks, and participate in panel discussions on a range of topics that I find interesting and that you may or may not.

If you are on this page looking for a slightly less boring way to describe me, may I suggest:

“Donna Lanclos was born in the desert.  She thought very carefully about the names she wanted to give her children and they in turn have very carefully thought about the names they want now that they have a choice in the matter.  This is something she should have anticipated, as her parents still call her “Michelle.”  Donna has very little patience for bullshit, despite her American heritage. She is an anthropologist in all things and you really shouldn’t invite her to speak or write or work with you if you are unclear about what that means. Her love for shoes and cocktails has thus far not managed to get in the way of her work on leadership, academia, and digital and physical places and practices. She has lived on the prairies of North Dakota, the coast of California, and in the North Carolina foothills, as well as in the UK and Ireland.  She is generally still happy to be here, wherever that is.”

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