A Quiet Zone Experiment

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On the Third Floor of Atkins, which is now a Quiet Zone, you can now find some of these:

Both skeptics and supporters of self-policing in the library will soon have information about whether it’s a feasible way to try to keep Quiet in the QZ.
Skeptics seem to be of the mind that 1)  UNCC students are incapable of policing themselves, and 2)  that it’s somehow the job of library staff to make sure people keep quiet all the time, in all areas of the library.  These cell citation pads are scattered in the Third Floor Quiet Zone as a way of giving license to self-police.  And maybe, to add a little humor to the stress of trying to find a place to study in the run-up to final exams and research papers.

So, let me know if you use one.  Or if you receive one.

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Zone Experiment

  1. Anonymous

    YEAHHHHHH…..it is sunday 8.24pm and the “whatever group outside” sorority or fraternity or, I don’t really care, has an initiation party JUST OUTSIDE THE LIBRARY..so apparently the campus is waaay too small for them so they decided to be JUST OUTSIDE THE LIBRARY and be as LOUD as they can be…..HURRAY UNCC.
    What is more annoying is that NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE..and I mean librarians….whom I know can hear them as clear as I am now.
    WELL IT IS SUNDAY after all….isn’t it???????????
    Remind me to call next time I want to come here to “study” to check the “level of silence” because it changes here at UNCC Atkins “library”!

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