New Places for you to Work (edited to give credit where due)

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Joan Lippincott  and Sarah Watstein came to talk to us in the library this past semester about learning spaces.  We were shown photos of a variety of library spaces in a wide range of places.  I was particularly inspired by a picture of a picnic table tucked under a chalkboard in a friendly outdoor nook.  And I thought, “we can do that.”

Thanks to the quick work of our facilities staff, when you come back for the summer sessions, or even if you are not coming back until the Fall, there are new workspaces waiting for you!  There are now chalkboards in the outdoor area just outside of Peets.  We are lucky in Charlotte to have nearly year-round outside-friendly weather.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “New Places for you to Work (edited to give credit where due)

  1. Donna Lanclos

    There’s chalk out there now–I expect that we will try to have some chalk available at the Info Desk (the same way we do dry-erase markers for the whiteboards), but I know that some students do already have chalk and dry-erase markers with them for when they work in group study rooms/in classrooms/etc.

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