New Stuff, and New Stuff Coming Soon (edited)

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The Atkins website has been tweaked again, and includes a New Books widget that is a fun way for you to browse some of what’s new on our shelves.

We’d like to hear from you about other fun and useful things you’d like to have on our website.  What about a new way to deal with group study room reservations?  What would you like to see in a mobile app for library resources?  How could we build QR codes into the mix?

Maybe you have been wishing for something that’s none of those things on the list.

Please send in your ideas, and we will have a vote for the top three.  Those three items will be sent to our programmers, and they will make the call about whether or not we can make your dreams a reality!  Prizes will go to the people whose ideas end up being turned into actual programming.

Even if the ideas you send us are not programmable, they will tell us a lot about what you want from our website, and we always need to know that.