A North Entrance??

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Yep, it’s true.  We’re getting a New Entrance to Atkins.  It will be on the North Side of the building, facing the Prospector, Burson, Smith, and the CHHS buildings.

This will mean big changes for the ground floor space–there will be more of it, for one thing.  What are the sorts of things that you want or need to do when you enter the library?  What sorts of things do you need to do after you enter?  What kinds of things do you need just before you leave?

What do you think that should mean, in terms of what we put in that space?
Let us know.
The easels are up again!  And if you don’t write on them (or post in the comments below, or email me, or talk to someone at the Info desk….) we can’t know what you’re thinking about this.

So, get writing!

6 thoughts on “A North Entrance??

  1. Kularski

    We need more ground-level study space, just somewhere we can quickly come in, get access to Wifi and knock out an assignment quickly. Also, the general student body isn’t social enough for sharing tables, so bring back some of the study desks. Plush couches are also very comfortable, but they are not conducive to good study habits.

  2. Nicole

    we need to make this entrance sustainable in some way. people need to be educated on sustainability practices and what better teacher than the library! put a tv screen up with advertisements in this entrance. put a book donation box at this entrance so books dont go to waste. recycling bins are a must. can Atkins dedicate a ‘tree of knowledge’ to the university and plant it outside the entrance? let it grow to be big and beautiful!

  3. Anonymous

    We need more study tables because I feel like students often time congregate in the library to use it as a for of social time and study time. Additional larger tables should be placed outside of Quiet zones. The entrance needs to be magestic and show what our library really has to offer. A student lounge where students can heat up meals or coffee would be nice too for those long nights in the library. A card swipe system would be nice for getting into the library after 11 pm. This would make things much safer in the library.

  4. Anonymous

    tables are definitely helpful during exam times when you want to study in groups, also it would be great if they had some sort of 24 hour food place I know it wont happen but even if ritazza/petes was open 24 hrs and had real food (not just cookies and stuff).

  5. Anonymous

    We don’t need any more tvs advertising stuff, they just use extra electricity and not that many people even stop and look at them. 24 hour eatery is a good idea. if not somewhere that serves ho food at least a little outtakes store (that sells way over priced stuff) with a microwave or a deli shop like the one in the SU.

  6. Anonymous

    There are many places in the library where wifi is not available, I would love to see that extended throughout the entire library.

    The video and digital cameras were also great addition to the library and students who needed those items for classes. I think there should be a discussion to whether bringing them back will be helpful to the student body.

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